Friday, September 14, 2012

God: Discover His Character (Book)

Most people have misguided perceptions about the nature of God. But how we view God and His involvement touches every facet of our lives -- our family, work, and ministry. Through this study, you will discover how you can develop an intimate relationship with God that will transform your life. God: Discover His Character study material contains video outlines, Bible study questions, and life application exercises designed to help you uncover the truth about God and His marvelous character. In this study, you will learn about: -- God as Creator - His supreme power, presence, knowledge, and sovereignty -- God as Judge - His perfect holiness, truth, righteousness, and justice -- God as Savior - His gracious love, mercy, faithfulness, and unchanging nature The 26 lessons interact with the three-volume video series, God: Discover His Character. Each lesson includes a video segment to view and penetrating questions to help you apply the biblical principles you learn