Friday, September 21, 2012

Love Takes Wing (Movie)

It is the seventh movie in an ongoing series that includes Love Comes Softly (2003), Love's Enduring Promise (2004), Love's Long Journey (2005),Love's Abiding Joy (2006), Love's Unending Legacy (2007), and Love's Unfolding Dream (2007), and Love Finds a Home (2009), as well as two 2011 prequels, Love BeginsLove's Everlasting Courage, and Love's Christmas Journey.

Distraught and left doubtful of God by the death of her husband, Belinda Simpson takes a job in Missouri as a doctor. Upon her arrival, she and her companion, a friend from medical school, find the town prejudiced against the town orphanage where the disease seems to have stemmed from. Belinda, a former orphan herself, attempts to help the orphans and finds help from one particularly strong-willed girl. She also has to heal all the other sick people within the town and defend the orphanage and its residents from the scared townspeople and the ruthless Ray, all while trying to make some very important decisions about her life, a possible budding romance and her own faith.